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Friday, January 8, 2010

After One's Fancy...

I want to tell you about an adorable friend of mine...Her name is Tess {isn't she a cutie pie?} and she has an incredible talent for finding beautiful things on a budget! I've known Tess for several years, originally from our super-fun local boutique Mason's, but most recently she is the very talented visual merchandiser at one of the F21 locations here!

Has anyone else gotten into the new-mom funk that I did? Like, I didn't buy a thing for myself from the time my daughter was born, then all of a sudden, I hated everything in my closet and just had no clue how or where to start over! I talked to Tess for months about coming to my house to give my closet a facelift, but was so scared to have someone else come into my personal space and see the ghosts of wardrobes past... Once I finally got the courage, I have to tell you, I felt so fabulous! My closet probably had half of what it did before she worked her magic, but even then, I could actually create outfits that I LIKED! Then she made a list of my needs, pulled lots of great things for me to try, and basically guided me through the next few purchases I should make to add to my wardrobe.

And on top of all that, everything was so affordable! Now, I definitely enjoy a splurge on fabulous clothes, but I have to be realistic these days... Most likely, what I buy will end up with juice or peanut butter or whatever else my little munchkin is enjoying all over it, and I can't stand the thought of my pricey designer blouse being ruined like that!

All this being said, Tess has started a new blog, adorably titled after one's fancy... and I absolutely love it! Maybe because half of the items she features are specifically for me -- but she knows and shares my style! Please go check her out here and say hi! On top of being ridiculously talented, she is also probably the sweetest person you have EVER met! You are going to be hooked! I check in first thing every morning just to see what she's come up with!


Laura Gren said...

Awesome blog you have here